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Pioneered by Kahu Fred Sterling, Signature Cell Healing encompasses a total approach to healing the four bodies: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical, and is currently being taught around the world. 


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Steve and Barbara Rother share a profound story of healing with Signature Cell Healing

What is Prana Breathing?

Prana in the ancient Sanskrit language means "breath" or "life." Prana breathing, used widely with meditation, is a method of conscious breathing that enhances your physical health, mental focus and gives you an overall sense of well-being.

Prana breathing as it relates to Signature Cell Healing, is a essential and powerful practice of bringing in intensified golden light or "particles" with each intake of breath.  Those who have practiced Prana breathing along with Signature Cell Healing will imediately feel an amplification of energy in the body.  Breathing in this way intensifies the intent behind healing.  Prana breating is also an important aspect of meditation for the very same reasons and is the breathing system that we all will be using as the earth and dimensions continue to shift.

Kahu Fred Sterlings guide, Master Kirael describes Prana Breathing in this way.

KIRAEL: Your breathing will change as you go through the Great Shift.  Prana breathing will become the energy source with which the body functions best. Prana was the energy that you existed on during your lifetimes in Lemuria. You used your breath only to oxygenate the system. Your energy pattern was sustained by prana. During and after the Great Shift, prana from the photon energy will be your main source of life. So practice prana breathing now, for it will revitalize and replenish your cells, and cleanse your cellular consciousness. That is one of the many reasons why your life span will increase dramatically.


A Story of Healing

One afternoon after completing six healings, I was told that an emergency case was on the way to see me for a consultation.  I prepared a room and as I finished I saw my friend "M" coming through the door. Following behind her were her husband and young son. I hadn’t seen them for a while, and yet I was sure at a glance that this was the emergency. Her aura was completely dark. I sensed that she was in distress and extremely afraid.



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