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Signature Cell Healing Training

Kahu Fred Sterling, founder 

Honolulu, Hawaii
July 25-27, 2014


This world changing healing modality has been taught literally around the world from Hawaii to the mainland United States, into Canada and down to South America. Crossing over the Atlantic, in Europe like Germany and Switzerland on to Moscow. Further around the world into Taiwan down to Australia.


Kahu Healing LVAttend this exciting Signature Cell Healing® Seminar and learn this powerful hands-on healing modality from its founder, Kahu Fred Sterling. Signature Cell Healing is a true four-body concept, starting with healing the spiritual body, coming down through the mental body, streaming into emotional body and culminating in the healing of the physical body.

This gentle-touch healing modality focusing energy on the “Signature Cell,” or “God Cell” inside the pineal gland. Reawakening the Signature Cell facilitates a return to optimum health and vitality. Expand your healing abilities, activate additional DNA strands.

Tuition: $595 With this investment comes true healing. Realizing that as healers, we learn and master techniques better when we have a partner to work with, your payment of $595 allows you to bring one additional person at no extra cost.  You can now bring your significant other, healing colleague or anyone you feel would benefit from becoming a healer under this modality. No longer do you have to go home and practice alone. 

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schbookOrder The Signature Cell Healing Book!   Kahu Fred Sterling's long awaited book is available for purchase.  CLICK HERE to learn more and to order.

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