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Pioneered by Kahu Fred Sterling, Signature Cell Healing encompasses a total approach to healing the four bodies: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical, and is currently being taught around the world.

Signature Cell Healing™ is a gentle touch healing experience which focuses energy on the "signature" or God Creator cell, which lies within the pineal gland. This all-important cell holds the memory of our cellular perfection and our original life blueprint. The reawakening of this signature cell allows for a return to optimum health and balance in all four bodies: spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical.

Internationally renowned healer and author, Kahu Fred Sterling, pioneered Signature Cell Healing in the early 1990’s through inner guidance and the awakening of spiritual wisdom.  Based on ancient Lemurian philosophy and practice, this integrative method of healing continues to evolve exponentially as Kahu Fred and trained practitioners around the world apply Signature Cell Healing techniques daily with profound results.

Signature Cell Healing is a powerful healing method because it works directly with the healee’s own life force energy or Creator essence within the body.  This focused process stimulates your cellular consciousness to remember its perfection in love and to awaken on all levels, going beyond the five senses to promote healing and awakening in the physical and the etheric bodies, where no fear exists.

All of creation is infused with light, and this light permeates the universal force of love.  Each person is present within this force.  Through the reawakening of original perfection, healing occurs in all four bodies—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  In the process of lighting and aligning with the universal reality of love, the healing creates a space where the vibratory structures of a dis-ease break up.  When this happens, the magnetic formation of the dis-ease is dispersed into the light, allowing simultaneous openings to occur.  Through these openings, light is able to freely enter the body in order to facilitate healing. The Signature Cell Healing practitioner connects and aligns these realities.

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