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Prana in the ancient Sanskrit language means "breath" or "life." Prana breathing, used widely with meditation, is a method of conscious breathing that enhances your physical health, mental focus and gives you an overall sense of well-being.

Prana breathing as it relates to Signature Cell Healing, is a essential and powerful practice of bringing in intensified golden light or "particles" with each intake of breath.  Those who have practiced Prana breathing along with Signature Cell Healing will imediately feel an amplification of energy in the body.  Breathing in this way intensifies the intent behind healing.  Prana breating is also an important aspect of meditation for the very same reasons and is the breathing system that we all will be using as the earth and dimensions continue to shift.

Kahu Fred Sterlings guide, Master Kirael describes Prana Breathing in this way.

KIRAEL: Your breathing will change as you go through the Great Shift.  Prana breathing will become the energy source with which the body functions best. Prana was the energy that you existed on during your lifetimes in Lemuria. You used your breath only to oxygenate the system. Your energy pattern was sustained by prana. During and after the Great Shift, prana from the photon energy will be your main source of life. So practice prana breathing now, for it will revitalize and replenish your cells, and cleanse your cellular consciousness. That is one of the many reasons why your life span will increase dramatically.


In its earliest focus here on the Earth plane, prana breathing was the essence of survival. Over the years, one learned how to use the lungs and mouth to breathe, limiting one's potential to distribute valuable energy to the molecular structure. When used properly, prana breathing allows one to move the molecular structure into a different level of understanding.


The Journey to Love

“Can it be that simple?,” you ask.  The answer is an emphatic, "Yes."  For in the simplicity of healing in God's Light, there are no reasons or excuses not to move forward in love. You will see in clarity how you have lived your life surrounded by self-imposed limitations, and you will have the heart strength to heal, change and embrace the new journey in Truth, Trust and Passion.

Remember, we are all spirit beings having a human experience; so please join in this Light as prayers and intentions for Mother Earth and all her inhabitants are spread.  As you sit in silence and experience God's Light during your prana breathing, simultaneously see Mother Earth surrounded in God's Light. This vision will heal the consciousness of fear, which surrounds our planet, and impassions the consciousness of love.

Prana Breathing Meditation

Imagine beautiful golden particles of light from the Creator's essence entering your crown chakra.  As you inhale this light, allow it to move down through your pineal and thymus glands.  Allow it to fill your whole embodiment.  After holding this light for a few seconds, exhale and release it through your heart chakra.

Now, repeat this process several times, and as you continue to breath,  quiet your mind and relax your body, slow down your breathing. With your mind's eye, travel with this light and become its companion.  See how slow you can move this light down and out of your body, for as you slow your breathing, you will experience a feeling of grace, a remembrance of love, and a healing in God's Light.