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Healing Resources


healingtools & resources

Music, sound and vibration.  Meditative tools and energetic jewelry.  Explore these gifts being offered to support healers and seekers of truth as the journey unfolds to higher growth and awareness.

Signature Cell Healing Pendants are now available!

Forged from premium quality Sterling Silver and 24k Gold Plating, our Signature Cell Healing Pendants will energize you, focusing and flowing energy through precious metals and stones, to your all important thymus gland, an essential element of rejuvenation and healing.  On the back of the healing pendant is the inscription,  "Awakening the Chromosomes of Youth and Vitality."

The symbol itself was received during a meditation where wisdom and self healing was the focus.  Self healing and self care is an essential practice of any healer.  When worn, the pendant becomes an amplifier of your powerful intentions and is a constant reminder of your own ability to heal, both yourself and those in your care.  The inscription facing inward works on inner levels, impressing the cells of your thymus with the intention and vitality of youth.

The outer arcs of silver and gold reflect the physical and mental aspects of your being, while the inner curves, also of silver and gold encompass your inner spirit and emotional state.  In the very center, unity between the arcs and curve is formed by a gemstone, symbolizing the source.  You may choose the stone for your pendant that resonates best with you, and each stone being offered has been selected for both its healing and regenerative qualities.


Description of Gemstones:

AMETHYST – A rich deep purple.  A powerful stone, amethyst activates spiritual awareness, opens intuition and enhances psychic abilities.  It protects and transmutes less harmonious energy into love.

BLUE TOPAZ – The color of the sky, blue topaz brings truth, wisdom and aids in clear speaking.  A soothing stone, blue topaz helps bring body, mind and spirit into union.  It brings joy, generosity, abundance and good health.

CITRINE – A golden particle, citrine is a revitalizing stone, carrying the healing properties of the sun.  It expands the auric field, filling it with light.  Citrine is a wonderful and motivating manifestation crystal.

PERIDOT – A bright, clear vibrant green.  Peridot is a healing stone, opens our hearts to joy and new  relationships.  It supports the thymus and enhances confidence and assertion, motivating growth and change.

Pendant Size/Description: The healing pendant measures about 1 1/4 inch in diameter. It is of substantial thickness and of very high quality craftsmanship. Semi-Precious Gemstones measure 5mm and are all of very high quality.  Each pendant is hand crafted in the United States.

"Inna says that she feels peace, warmth and protection from the pendant, I feel more energy and Yury is feeling harmony and balance."

Cassie, Germany

Price: $295 + Shipping Priority Mail, Insured. In the U.S. Cost is $15.

For International Shipments: Additonal cost for shipping and insurance may apply.

Includes FREE Silver Chain: We have a limited number of silver chains available at this time. When ordering, please choose the length (18", 20") that will insure the pendant rests over the thymus gland. (For most women, the optimum size is an 18 inch chain and for most men, 20").


Please Choose Your Gemstone.
Chain Length

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