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Healing Courses



Signature Cell Healing® continues to evolve since its inception almost two decades ago.  Intensive study of new methods as they develop offers healers a new effective method of attaining more advanced levels of training.

Signature Cell Healing can be experienced in a variety of ways; through on-site seminars and online resources alike.  And because Signature Cell Healing works in conjunction with an individual's own dynamic creative force, as this aspect expands within an individual, so does their desire to pursue new levels of mastery.


On Site Learning - Available Course List

Signature Cell Healing courses compliment traditional western medicine and the study of other alternative healing techniques and modalities.

Awakening to Signature Cell Healing – (Level 1) Offered as a 2 day course: Kahu Fred Sterling Teaching Signature Cell Healing to an Audience

This course teaches the basics of Signature Cell Healing™, a modality brought forth to awaken the cellular consciousness within an individual,  bringing balance in the mind, emotions, body and the spirit.  Topics include an understanding of the inter-connectedness of our emotions, mental and spiritual states.  The course explores the effect each element has on our cellular consciousness leading to health and vitality or disharmony and disease.

The benefits of energy or "prana"  breathing is explored though exercises designed to open an individual and raise the consciousness.  Participants will feel energy flowing through the hands and explore basic Signature Cell Healing opening and closing sequences.  At the conclusion of this course, participants will be empowered to heal the self, family members and friends through understanding and practice of hands on healing techniques.  A  broader understanding of the nature of cellular consciousness and its connection to overall physical and emotional health will be realized.  This is the perfect course for anyone intersted in taking a more active role in maintaining a state of overall health and living with greater vitality.


Signature Cell Healing Practitioner Certification Course — (Level II) Offered as a 2 or 3 day course:Signature Cell Healing Practitioners learn new techniques during a seminar

Beginning where "Awakening to Signature Cell Healing" leaves off, participants in this Course gain a more intensified experience of healing through the exploration of advanced concepts and hands-on techniques. Traveling to the quantum level of creation, this course explores the power of merging our thoughts and emotions with the intention of healing at the cellular level. Working with particles of light, healing energies are powered up and streamed,  unraveling the mastermind of "dis-ease."

Healing sessions throughout this course offer many opportunities for participants to put newly learning concepts and techniques into practice. In a pure and energetically charged space, the vibration of healing is intensified and learning is accelerated.  Kahu Fred Sterling creates a safe and loving space to reawaken our soul's ability and desire to connect with one another and bring about real change. The course itself is a transformative experience, and many practitioners return again and again to experience the growth potential that exists in a workshop setting offered by Kahu Fred Sterling.



We'd like to hear from you!  If you would like to see either of these courses brought to your area, or if you are interested in hosting a seminar, please contact us.

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